second annual general meeting
July 08, 2018

Congrats to Binary Gaming Network Inc. for hosting it's second annual general meeting!

Big thanks to @Tiath Othos for hosting everyone at his place!

Thanks to @Phildo, @Xalaram & @OwenJ for being Presidents & Vice Presidents, running all the meetings over the past couple years, and deciding the direction we should take.

Huge thanks to @Teshka for being Secretary, handling the business side of everything, and keeping us all in line!

Thanks to all the BGN - Members for joining our community, helping us decide what games and events should be running, providing us all with endless hours of fun

Thank you to our generous donators for keeping the server paid for!

@Moderator you guys are amazing, being our eyes and ears in the community, handling any people problems and running the discord!

@Technical without you guys running the game servers we couldn't all play together

Thank you everyone that has joined our server and played along side us, its been amazing couple years and we hope to improve moving forward!

Love from Zenita ~ Money Monster

Money Monster
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by Zenita