Modded Minecraft Server
May 28, 2019

We are excited to accounce the Binary Gaming Modded Minecraft is now live!

This server is the same mixup of mods you have come to know and love but with a twist... this server is a progression based RPG server!

For years we typically did packs that encouraged people to grind out tech then have nothing to do, this time we thought we would mix it up a little.

start with some basic gear and are encouraged to explore! There are plenty of ruins to loot, mobs to kill and people to team up with.

Some basic features of the server:

  • Modular Armours! Pimp your armours with traits and modifiers!
  • Land Claiming! Prevent others from interacting with your land!
  • Economy with NPC vendors
  • Mob drops, we have added additional drops and mobs now drop money!
  • Fast Modpack, we put a lot of work into optimizing the modpack. Works well with potatos!
  • Events! We now run world altering events and RAIDs for those sweet drops!
  • Classes! (Kinda Done) Still early but basic classes have been imlemented for additional abilities.

As you can see based on the above a lot of work has been put into this modpack, I would like to thank everyone that helped with it.

I would also like to thank everyone else that helped test and uncover the wierd bugs and other issues that came up in testing.

Finally a big thank you to our community that inspires us to continue to create these amazing projects, you really are the best and your

continued support is a great help both in time, effort and donations. It has been amazing couple years and we hope to improve moving forward!

With Salutations, Phil ~ Information Commissar

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