September 30, 2018

Sorry, due to demand we ran out already, but while your reading this let's have a D&M

As some have noticed (and reminded me) BGN has been a little quite lately, sorry about that! A lot of the technical side of things comes from me and I've been rather wrapped up with real life things (shit graphics and no autosaving, its ok) so I haven't had the chance I wanted recently to really fix things up for BGN staff and more importantly you, our endearing community who has been gaming with us over the years.

For the record BGN has been quiet but busy! We have been going over how we do game servers and come up with a more flexible system so that we can host game servers with better performance, which leads to the awkward talk of what's happening going forward.

To our General community players, we will be separating what is a "Core" game server we run always and what is a "Sessional" one. The difference being one is always around and continually supported by us, the other being a temporary thing we play as a community for roughly 3 months at a time.

Examples of some "core" game servers going forward:

  • Minecraft (Vanilla)
  • Starbound
  • ARK (This one needs Gladiator Style discussion first)
  • ARMA 3
  • Anything else we can think of that has a good return of time and effort with fun.

Examples of "sessional" game servers:

  • Terraria (Can only really do one play through)
  • Factorio
  • Minecraft (Modded)
  • Arma 3 (Event type things like Liberation)
  • ECO (Debatable, may be a core game server)

This isn't a comprehensive list; a lot of people are here because of random one-off servers we ran and we hope to encourage that kind of community involvement going forward.

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by Phildo